recent updates...

oh my God, it's been a while since i wrote in here. and i'm kinda miss it. my life recently is pretty much a roller coaster ride. i'm on my last year of college and thinking of taking my master after i graduated next year. you know it, when it comes to the last year at college, it means thesis! sucks right? yeah i know...

so, before we get on that thesis thing, i want to talk about my life for a moment. first of, family, yes! my favorite thing in this world. so, it's already december and you know what this mean right? CHRISTMAS!!! yes, it's the time to joy! although, i always forgot to set my christmas tree. tomorrow. i promise! i don't know what will be my gift for this year christmas. maybe, my best wish is to be happy and blessed always by God. i don't mind having an iPad though. haha! :D

second, internship. is it new to your ear? yes! i'm an employee for an automotive magazine! it's coming to an end though, but it's been a very great experience to me. not so my type but, not bad. but i would really love to try working on my mom's company. you know, trying the 9-to-5 work hour, sitting on a chair and staring at the computer all day long. wearing good working-outfit. maybe i'll try applying there.

third, yes, here it comes, THESIS!!! AGH!!! i hate thesis! it's like i don't want to do it but they forced me to do it. i hate it! why should we make a thesis for? why can't you just pass me with a good grade and i'll never come back and move on with my life. oh God. i chose my sickness as my topic, and i hope it'll turn out very good. i just want to graduate fast, make my parents proud of me and moving on to my master degree then have a superb job with high enough salary to live my life with. oh Lord.....i hate thesis.....

as i said, my life is a roller coaster alright. ups and downs, good and bad, but i still thank my Lord for all of these. He gave me the best in life. thank you! :)

wish me luck on my thesis please!



a whole week full with hedonism.

YES YES YES!!! MY THEATRE THINGY IS DONE!!! i'm glad plus relieve, and sad too. i'm gonna miss the togetherness with my fellow theatre mates. because this maybe the first and the last theatre that i'm gonna do in my life. well, it's not really my thing. doing theatrical performance or so. but i know deep in my heart this is not what i like and i want to be for my future life. but yeah, it is a magical experience for me. and thank you thank you thank you for all of my friends of group 1 drama class. i love you all!!! and i'm sorry if i made a mistakes or what-so-ever. i'm glad to be part of this play. :)

oh! we got second place on the production team and for the best actor. isn't it great? we all put our best effort to reach that day. and guess what? it pays off! how glad can i be huh? and now when everything is over and i have my holiday, even though i can't say it's a holiday, it's only a week, what can i do besides sleeping, eating, watching dvds, going out, shopping, etc.? well, i'm happy i have a rest at least. thank God for sleep! it's the only thing that i'll not hate for my entire life! :D

so, after a month maybe without watching a movie, i finally watch 'Alice in Wonderland' and shop!!! oh i love shopping! at first i was confused wether i want to buy shoes or this cute jacket that i want it so much. and i chose shoes. why? well, i love shoes and bags more than clothes! even though i need that jacket too! maybe next time. :)

and the shoes is very cheap! i can get 2 pairs of shoes for only Rp. 200.000! how great is that? and it is a flat shoes, my favorite shoes ever! and i want the slippers too but there are no size left for me. and that makes me wonder why i have this big feet??? my size around 7 or 8. and i wonder why? i think it's normal though. but i don't know. i think my foot are too big for me? oh well...

today i'll be going to this event called JAVA JAZZ FESTIVAL 2010. it's an event for all! haha. well, it's an annual show so yeah, last year i went and it was tons of fun! so i hope this year too! i didn't bought the special show ticket but let me enjoy the regular show instead. :D



my life recently. part 4.

well...hellooooo mates! around the world!!! i'm back. finally, i can manage to seek in here to write. so, how are you doing right now? fine? that'll be great! :D well, for me, life recently is still flat. although, i finished up my final exam, that's a great news. but, unlike anybody else, i still have my duty. yeah, you guess it. theatre. again and again...

i'm surely not gonna talk about it though, but i just want to let you know. to be honest i'm a bit confused. what to tell in here. hmmm. let's see then...

first of, i need to go shopping! like, immediately! i need new clothes, new shirts, new pants maybe, new shoes and jackets and so on and oh God, it's way too much! i wish my daddy will take me on a shopping spree this sunday. i don't have anything to do on sunday. hmmm. church, yeah, besides that. well, no plan at all.

i'm gonna leave soon. my bed is calling me. :D



my life recently. part 3.

wow, it's been a long time i guess. hey guys. what's happening to your life there? happy? well...that's good to hear, for me, my life is pretty much pathetic lately. tired. of course. not because of my theatre thing, it's my final exam week, and i'm so packed up! as i mention earlier on my blog, almost every single test for my final exam is a take home test. that means, paper, paper and more paper. it sucks i know, even my printer hate it. it jammed and i don't know what happen to it right now. it's not functioning very well. just like my brain i guess. oh God...

let's get this thing over with.

anyway, i think i call it a day. i'm tired. i'll blog to you all later...



rest week huh?

it's the third day of my rest week before my final exam. but guess what? i've been busy with these assignments and my theatre thing. so, i'm pretty sure that this is not a rest week for me. oh my God, i can't stand it anymore. my head is spinning around when i hear my alarm beeping this morning. i am so hating my alarm sound now. ugh. i'm tired, extremely tired. my doctor said that i have to have a goodnight sleep. but that seems impossible enough. with this assignments, works, stuffs, etc. just kill me already.

i have to stop whining about all of this though, i know, if i keep on saying 'i'm tired' or 'i can't do this' it will make me more and more frustrated and of course, tired.

so little time, so much to do...



my life recently. part 2.

well, still busy. of course. assignments, theatre, more theatre, properties making, etc. and yes, my head is starting to lose control. yet, i don't think my brain is functioning very well. ugh! the only day for me to rest is on sunday. from monday to saturday i have a lot of things to do. yeah, you know. stuffs. though, i am very thankful that until now, i'm strong enough to get through with this. and i know, these things will be over soon, before we even notice. :)

so, the theatre is coming real soon! and i'm very excited. i hope we'll give our best and we hope the crowd will enjoy it as much as we do. so, always pray for my class, the crew, the casts, etc. let us be on our way!!! :D

that's that, i'm off, making my assignments. yay!



my life recently.

i've been busy. again, and always. :( i'm tired! and i can't take it anymore. i think i already reach my limit. ugh! i hate college now. i want to make the time quickly change to march. when i'll be celebrating my birthday, holiday and many things i want to do except for college stuffs, ugh, it sucks! all i have in my mind is holiday and sleeping. lots of sleeping time. i have too much assignments and too little time to handle it. it's not like i delay it or anything, but it's way too much! God, i'm sooo freakin' tired these days. i'm so sorry i don't update much, i'm too tired to even open up my laptop.

the good news is, i'm using blackberry now. :D yes, i am very exciting about it. although i find it really difficult at first. but, as the time goes by, i'll get through. i hope. somehow. :)

my next wish is iPod touch, it's fun and yet, it's iPhone look-a-like, i don't have the courage to ask my daddy to buy me an iPhone. because it's too expensive in here. so, why don't i ask for an iPod touch instead? maybe on my birthday i will. wish me luck guys!

so, the final exam is near, and guess what? from seven subjects that i'm on, only one subject that have a final test that actually a theory test which is media relation. and again, i repeat, ONE SUBJECT! for the rest is a take home test, making paper and stuff. ugh, i'm sick of it. it makes my life so miserable. but that is my obligations as a student. i hope this semester went very well. amennn!!!

i think i'm gonna end up my blog for today. have a great day mates! :)